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Passion Brought Us Here

Pastor Vincent Lindsey

On December 29, 1995, Pastor Vincent was hit by an aggressive moving truck in steady moving traffic that cracked his skull, leaving him unconscious and drastically beat up from the impact of the Chevy S-10 truck. He was unrecognizable from the hole in his right temple, his face was dis-configured from the bridge across his nose and the mold of his head. The right side of his face and head was smashed. The impact was so hard that he was knocked across the Interstate going westbound of HWY 90 in Raceland, LA. Pastor Vincent was pronounced died upon impact for 1 hour and 45 minutes when he heard a soft voice say go back. He awoke with paramedics stimulating his heart. Pastor Vincent was able to tell the paramedics everything that happened during his death experience. Pastor Vincent was rushed to Charity Hospital in New Orleans, LA to find out that he would never, walk nor remember his loved ones again.

Pastor Vincent, never quite received what the doctors were expressing to him. Each day became a journey of healing and trust because he knew that God had saved him to be a light in a dark place. Pastor Vincent began surrendering his life completely to Jesus. He never took any pain medication nor received any physical therapy during his recovery. He was determined to defy what that doctors had told him.

He finally heard about revival being held at Greater St. Stephen in New Orleans, LA when a well-known pastor was evangelizing. Pastor Vincent went knowing that God had his deliverance waiting at the altar. While the evangelist was ministering, Pastor Vincent waited until the end of the service when he made his way on crutches to the front of the Church to receive his healing. The evangelist was astounded to hear what had happened. He spoke these words to Pastor Vincent and, I quote, “this service was all about you”. It was confirmed that Pastor Vincent was healed instantaneously. Pastor Vincent walked in on crutches but left walking. It was then and there, he received a mandate from God to preach the gospel and compel men to come to Christ.

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Pastor Vincent relocated to Jackson, MS with his family. Pastor Vincent lost his business and his church to the devastation of the flood water that overtook the city of New Orleans. After living in Jackson, MS for 2 years, he met his wife Katina. Pastor Vincent relationship with the Lord grew deeper. Through many hearts ache and trials, while living in Jackson, MS, Pastor Vincent and Katina decided that it was time to move and God channeled them to Montgomery, AL. Both Pastor Vincent and Katina knew that God was calling them to start a church. After much prayer and fasting, Pastor Vincent and Katina started Borne Generation Church. Inc as a mandate of the kingdom of God. Today, Borne Generation Church is a modern-day multi-cultural non-denominational church with a purpose of bringing the body of Christ together in Unity.

Dr. Katina Lang-Lindsey

In 2001, Katina was told by doctors that she needed a kidney transplant. She was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy (Berger’s Disease), a rear genetic disorder. Katina was devastated by the news that her kidneys were failing. For a few years, Katina experience denial because there were no visible or physical signs of any kidney problems.

After the diagnosis, the doctors referred Katina to three major transplant hospitals. To know this possibility, gave Katina hope that God still had a plan for her life.  Doctors tried to delay the progress of the disease for two years, but without renal replacement therapy (dialysis), Katina would die. The news of dialysis was like a nightmare.

Katina had family and friends who quietly wanted to be tested as a match. But, when faced with the decision to be tested, they became frightened of the unknown risk. Katina understood their dilemmas and heartfelt desires and gently relieved them of any guilt. Both Katina’s mother and father tried desperately to be a match but were not healthy enough candidates for surgery due to their health problems. Katina’s mother soon passed after trying to find a match for her daughter. Imagine the devastation of her mothers' death at the same time she was fighting for her life.

According to Katina, everything became a blur. Everything stopped, and it seemed like death was inevitable and appeared apparent. Did God want me died, she asked? This can’t be my life, Katina repeated and believed! Katina was lead to a local word church the word became life. This church was like no church she had ever seen. The Pastor was on fire for God, and people appeared to be delivered and set free.

Katina decided to undergo dialysis three times a week for 3 to 4 hours. This is where the real journal of faith began for Katina, and she would attend church without telling anyone about her condition. It was important that people did not see her as sick, but someone that was well. She didn’t want people to feel sorry for her but wanted them to see her strength in the Lord. It was evident that God was doing amazing work in her life. Katina was silently fighting for her life.

While waiting for a transplant for almost eight years, Katina continued to attend church and begin to grow in God’s word. Katina began to trust God’s plan. She knew that God was going to give her a kidney transplant. Her luggage was always packed knowing that one day, she would get a call from a transplant hospital.

On April 13, 2007, Katina received a called from the University of Mississippi Medical Center for a kidney transplant. Katina waited for an operation for over eight years. It’s been more than 12 years since Katina received her transplant. She is now Co-Pastor with her husband Pastor Vincent at Borne Generation Church.

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